Oh Geez – 3


Peter Voulkos and Paul Soldner


These two men transformed human’s relationship with clay, one of the oldest and most abundant materials on this planet. They, with the support of countless others, took the material and infiltrated the landscape of contemporary art. Up until these two came along, ceramics in this country were rarely shown in fine art galleries, like almost never. In fact, clay was still viewed (in the west) as a less-than-precious material used for pottery, not art. Artists like Hamada, Leach, Yanagi, Rothko and Pollock gave Peter and Paul the right to do as they wish with clay, and that’s what they did. They are the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen duo, the Easy-E and NWA combo, the John Coltrane and Miles Davis duet, they are Voulkos and Soldner.


pete4 Voulkos

pete2 Voulkos

paul3 Soldner

paul2 Soldner