You studied ART in college? Really?




Let me first start off by saying that this is a generalization of what I think of the situation. I believe there are many people who share my beliefs and many that don’t.

Our value of art in school is to the point where parents (many of which are not qualified to teach nor teach art) are leading the K12 classrooms as art teachers. Do we do the same with math? Are we bringing in volunteer parents to lead our algebra classes? I question society’s choices in areas they weren’t educated on themselves. Let’s face it, art programs in the US schools are dying and have been for generations. Nowadays when I say I teach 3-D art, everyone assumes I’m talking about computer modeling. No, I don’t teach 2-D applications like Maya, I teach actual three-dimensional art. The concept seems so old and pointless to many young people (and older). People don’t understand why one would need to know these skills, nor how one could make a living with them. We, as a society, are so disconnected to the idea of art. We think of art as something artist’s do, not as something that encompasses everything around us. Art surrounds us all day long. Some may define things as ‘design’ but the origins are art. It’s in your bathroom, your garage, your neighborhood barber shop and your local parks. The fact that there’s a term called ‘art supplies’ should be an indication that there’s a problem with how we think of art. So what does one learn with an Art degree?

Here’s an interesting read from Yahoo Makers by Sophie Forbes, March 5th 2015


Why an Art Degree Is a Good Idea